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Good times. Not lap times.

Hey There! It’s almost race time and we wanted to get all the event info to make your experience as awesome as possible.

This race is 100% sold out and there will be no Race Day sign-ups.

The Start/Finish area is in the Football Field OHV area off the 395 just south of Ridgecrest. All rider’s meetings, awards presentations, vendors, etc will be at the stage area right off Dirt Diggers Road (same spot as the previous two years) Here’s a map, but keep in mind, sometimes Google or Apple freaks out, so keep an eye out for Dirt Diggers Road off the 395, turn East on that and you’ll see all the vehicles and pits set up about 1/4 mile in. MAP

Biltwell 100 Race Action

If you are not actively pitting for a racer, please camp on the North (left) side of Dirt Diggers Road. There is way more room there and it’s also less dusty and a lot better spot to spectate once the race starts. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH. We’ve got extra dumpsters and port-a-poties coming this year, but can use your help keeping the desert cleaner than we found it!

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• Registration 4:00-8:00PM (Registration tent near stage)
• Merch Sales 4:00-8:00PM (Vendor row near stage)

• Late Registration 6:30-9:00AM (Registration tent near stage)
• Steel Mill Coffee 7:00-10:00AM (Vendor row near stage)
• Mandatory Rider’s Meeting 9:15AM (At stage)
• Racers stage at Starting Line 9:30AM
• Racing starts! 10:00AM
• Pits Close 3:00PM (If you cross the finish line after this time you will not be allowed back on the course)
• Cold Course 4:00PM
• Tacos/Beer/Merch 5:00-10:00PM (Vendor row near stage)
• Awards presentation 6:00PM (At stage)

• Coffee 7:00-10:00AM (Vendor row near stage)

Biltwell 100 Race Action

Everyone in a class lines up and starts at the same time. Example: Modern 18-40 Expert class includes both men and women. They will all start at the same time but will be scored only against their own gender. Some classes may have two or more rows. It is a “rubber band” start.

Biltwell 100 Race Action

These will be handed out at registration and are really nice pre-printed graphics for each side and front number plate on any bike. See sample below. Numbers are assigned randomly to speed up the registration process.

Biltwell 100 Race Numbers

If you break down, please call 951-699-1500 extension 138. This will go to our HQ set up at the pits where we can dispatch someone to get you out and keep track of all downed riders in one central location. If you don’t have cell service or want an extra layer of communication, fill out the “Stuck Stub” provided in your registration packet and hand that to the next rider who passes you. If someone hands you one of these “Stuck Stubs” it is your responsibility to turn this in at the next check point or at the finish line. Realize it may take a while to get to you, so find some shade and dig into that snack and water that you so thoughtfully had in your pack. STAY WITH YOUR MOTORCYCLE, NEAR, BUT NOT ON THE COURSE!

Stuck Stub Photo
Biltwell 100 Race Prep Tent
Biltwell 100 Course Map

The course is about 50% new this year. We will dip through some tunnels under the railroad tracks about a mile off the start. Then about RM14.5 we’ll do it again. Be careful in these choke points! At RM8 section that is an “either-or” where there is a technical portion that will be faster if you make it or you can choose to take an easier, but more time consuming route. The last ten miles may be familiar from last year. There will be a Liquid Death Water Bar sponsored by J&P Cycles set up at the double road crossing (RM 3 & 13) if you want to stop and grab some hydration. Course markings will be traditional arrows on stakes and construction ribbon tied on bushes. You will rarely be out of site of a piece of ribbon or a marker. We do not issue GPS or roll chart maps. You can watch the 2022 race video to get an idea of the terrain here:

Thumbnail Biltwell 100 2022 Race Video

The pit area is open for parking to active racing participants and their crews only. Racers may camp in the pits.Spectators are encouraged to find a spot out in the hills and watch the race action! Everyone is required to stay 150 feet from the race course. Camping is “dispersed” and free of charge. Please park and camp on the north side of Dirt Diggers road. See the pit map attached. Make sure to pick up your trash and any other trash you may discover while in the desert. We have more dumpster capacity this year to help facilitate this. Also note, we’ve doubled the number of portable toilets.

Biltwell 100 Good Times
Biltwell 100 Race Action

We will have a merch tent in vendor row set up by the stage selling some event t-shirts and race support stuff during these times:
FRIDAY 4:00-8:00PM
SATURDAY 8:00-10:00AM, 4:00-9:00PM

FIRST AID + INFO Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM in the Podium area (look for the EZ-up with the big red cross)

Hit us up at
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