Checkered Stripe

Camping & Spectating

The Start-Finish area is easily accessible off HWY 395 and is no problem for choppers, motorhomes or non-4×4 vehicles. Make sure to stay out of the “Live Pit” areas and at least 150’ from the race course at all times. Otherwise, spectating can be done anywhere along the race course and surrounding areas as long as that 150’ distance is maintained. Bring a dirt bike, quad, side-by-side or buggy and enjoy the trails before, during and after the race. Camping is “dispersed” and free of charge. This area is BLM land, so all the usual rules apply and we expect you to leave it cleaner than you found it. There will be a party in the Start/Finish area with trophies, etc on Saturday night. More details to come.


The town of Ridgecrest is 10 miles north and has just about any sort of supplies you might need. DIRECTIONS. 

Randsburg is a great little hippy ghost town about 12 miles south, with bars, restaurants, etc: DIRECTIONS.

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