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We’ve divided the vintage classes based on era/style of bike and rider skill level as usual. Men and Women in the same class (Dual Shock Novice for example) will start at the same time but are scored separately.

The Modern classes are determined by age group. Men and Women in the same class (Modern 18-40 Novice for example) will start at the same time but are scored separately.

NEW! ADV Lite and Heavy are new classes this year, meant to make room for the riders on adventure bikes that didn’t fit neatly into last year’s classes. Men and Women in the same class (ADV Lite Novice for example) will start at the same time but are scored separately.

NEW! Another new addition to classes is the Mike Davis Early Iron class for 1960 and earlier American Motorcycles. This is a combined class where men and women are scored the same. We’re really looking forward watching some old bikes compete in this terrain!

NEW! Pullstart minis get their own class since this is SO competitive now!

NEW! Any Harley over 750CC is in the Hooligan class and only racing other Harleys. The “Scrambler” class from last year has been absorbed by the ADV classes; Lite and Heavy.

All classes get a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Total number of entries is capped at around 250 racers. This event will sell out, so once we open registration you should go for it. Entries will go on sale Jan 18th, 2023. Watch Biltwell social media for more last minute updates.

  1. Racers may enter only one class.
  2. No “team” riding. One rider, one bike, per entry.
  3. Classes may be mixed at starting line but will be scored separately.
  4. The fastest classes will start first. Men and women in the same classes may start together but will be scored separately. Different classes may be combined to create a full row but racers will only be scored against riders in their own class. There will be a short break between each starting row.
  5. A single lap is roughly 25 miles. Classes run between 1 and 4 laps depending on age of bike and rider.

  • Numbers will be given to you randomly at registration. This will speed up the registration process and avoid confusion on the course for manual scoring. We will provide you with big stick on numbers that can go over your existing ones and you can peel them off after the race. This is way better than pie plates, electric tape numbers or a dozen “69’s” on the course at the same time. Just go with it, and we’ll see how it works.
  • The pits and starting line will be same as 2022.
  • The course is going to be ALL NEW for 2023 and you are gonna like it!
  • We’ve increased safety and organization after learning a few things in 2021. We will have a central phone number (bikes don’t have radios!) for broke down riders to call, with a dedicated dispatcher on-site to help get to you sooner. There will be a clearly marked Info + First Aid tent near the stage that will be equipped with EMTs, ice, first aid supplies, etc. We will also be supplying each racer with a “stuck stub” and will explain its usage to noobs during the rider’s meeting.
  • We’ve got more portable toilets and trash cans coming this year.
  • During the awards ceremony on Saturday night there will be cold beers while they last

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